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Small Business Lending

Jeffrey Sweeney is an investment banker with years of experience in direct lending and corporate finance for small- to middle-market companies. He is the chairman and CEO of US Capital Partners, an innovator in small- to middle-market business lending. US Capital Partners has been providing prompt, innovative, and reliable financing solutions across the United States and abroad for more than a decade.

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US Capital Partners Inc is a private investment bank, direct lender, co-lender, and lead financial arranger. We specialize in asset-based debt for small- to middle-market private and public companies with $5 million to $100 million in sales. We will lend or participate in funding asset-backed loans of $500 thousand to $30 million for growth capital, working capital, assets, acquisitions, and liquidity events.

Assets eligible for US Capital loans include inventory, accounts receivable, purchase orders, machinery and equipment, commercial real estate, and intellectual property. We will also consider term loans supported by historical cash flow performance of not less than $1 million in trailing EBITDA. We have the experience and ability to understand special situations and are willing to provide distress, turnaround, and growth financing.

Since 1998, we have helped clients who were previously in unproductive lender relationships obtain adequate working capital. If you are struggling to secure the funding you need, you should call us. We are ready to discuss your specific financing requirements with you in confidence.

To find out more, call us at (415) 882-7160 or visit