Finding Financing Outside the Normal Lending Parameters is More Important Than Ever as Small Businesses Still Struggling

According to the NSBA 2009 Year-End Economic Report, credit remains tight for small businesses in need of working capital. More than ever, companies that are unable to qualify for bank financing must look outside the normal lending parameters for borrowing alternatives that will help them regain the financial strength to meet the increasingly stringent lending criteria of commercial banks.

More businesses feeling the credit crunch are looking to alternative financing options like asset-based lending, which is an affordable and flexible way to acquire the working capital you need to grow a business or the cash to recapitalize your current finance structure. Businesses can borrow money using the current assets of the company (such as accounts receivable, purchase orders, or inventory) or its fixed assets (such as plant, property, or equipment) as collateral.

At USCP, our philosophy is to provide businesses with a unique service that matches borrowers' needs to appropriately priced capital. Our ability to assess complex or special situations quickly and provide solutions outside the bankable box has made us one of the most innovative small- to middle-market investment banks in the country.

We will give your business the attention it deserves and find the most suitable product for you (most lenders only have one product, which can be limiting). We offer true one-stop financing and will work in partnership with you throughout the lending process.

If you would like to know more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, visit US Capital Partners,  at or call (415) 882-7160.