US Capital Global Finances the Consolidation of Disrupts Media Ltd

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San Francisco-based private financial group supports the consolidation and growth of international FinTech media company. 

SAN FRANCISCO, February 2019 – US Capital Global has provided financing for the consolidation of Disrupts Media Ltd, a leading London-based FinTech media company. Disrupts Media Ltd is responsible for publishing the world’s first and only FinTech newspaper,The Fintech Times. With over 120,000 online readers and 150,000 print readers, this leading publication chronicles the latest developments in financial technology.

Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global is a full-service private financial group with an established track record in asset-anagement and private client services. The firm focuses on providing lower middle market businesses and investors with sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products usually available only to larger companies and institutional investors.

“We are delighted to have a significant role in supporting The Fintech Times,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global, and a regular contributor to the newspaper. “The Fintech Timesis a pioneering publication that shares the ideas and strategies of international thought leaders and FinTech firms, and we believe it has immense potential for further growth.”

As a broker-dealer, US Capital Global embraces new, progressive financial regulations that permit “general solicitation,” allowing investment opportunities to be offered to non-institutional investors who might otherwise never encounter them.

About Disrupts Media Ltd

Disrupts Media Ltd is the London-based publishing company responsible for the publication of The Fintech Times, a multi-media outlet centered on the world’s first and only FinTech newspaper. The publication chronicles the latest in cutting-edge financial technologies, including RegTech, banking transformation, payments innovation, AI, WealthTech, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, InsurTech, and much more. With over 150,000 copies of print circulated in London, San Francisco, and Tokyo, and over 120,000 online readers, The Fintech Times is building the voice of the FinTech industry. 

About US Capital Global

Since 1998, the US Capital team has been committed to providing small and lower middle market businesses and investors with sophisticated debt, equity, and investment opportunities usually available only to larger middle market companies and institutional investors. The US Capital Global group manages direct investment funds and provides wealth management and capital raise services. Operating with its registered investment bank affiliate, US Capital Global Securities, LLC, the firm acts as a licensed placement agent for companies, funds, and projects, and collaborates closely with its peers in professional banking and investment advisory.

To learn more about US Capital Global, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at jsweeney@uscapglobal.comor call +1 415-889-1010.

Jeff Sweeney