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Jeffrey Sweeney is an investment banker with years of experience in direct lending and corporate finance for small- to middle-market companies. He is the chairman and CEO of US Capital Partners, an innovator in small- to middle-market business lending. US Capital Partners has been providing prompt, innovative, and reliable financing solutions across the United States and abroad for more than a decade.

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USCGS to Host Webinar for DelphX Corporation's Equity Raise

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DelphX is building the next generation of bond and derivative markets. To learn more, sign up for the interactive webinar by clicking here.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2016 – On June 1st, 2016 at 10AM PDT US Capital Global Securities is hosting an interactive webinar outlining its combined debt and equity raise for DelphX Corporation, an innovation leader in the financial technology (FinTech) space. Potential investors interested in learning how DelphX innovation is poised to markedly improve liquidity in the global credit markets are encouraged to attend.

Through its patent-pending utilities, DelphX® will uniquely enable market participants to:

  1. Confidentially view and execute tailored quotes and orders transmitted specifically to them by an array of dealers and other liquidity providers.
  2. Access continually-updating benchmark pricing for more than 25,000 securities including highly illiquid issues.
  3. Anonymously outline their potential buying, selling and other interests and privately interact and trade with others possessing complementary interests.
  4. Confidentially communicate with multiple potential counterparties simultaneously through encrypted messaging and on-demand auction/session functionality.
  5. Anonymously structure, buy and sell customized AAA-rated credit default protection for corporate, municipal, sovereign debt issuers and CMBS and RMBS issues.
  6. Incur no fees or costs when providing liquidity, and receive favored-pricing and other incentives when providig “Cached Inventory” resources to market makers.

The webinar will be hosted by a registered banker associated with USCGS on June 1st, 2016 at 10AM PDT and will include a Q&A session with the DelphX and USCGS teams. To register, click here and follow the instructions listed.

“We're excited about DelphX's unique market technology,” said Charles Towle, Division Head & Licensed Principal at USCGS. “Digitally streamlining the interaction of fixed income traders would greatly improve liquidity in the fragmented credit market, and this is a great opportunity to participate in the financial technology and company making it happen.”

To learn more about this recent engagement or about how your business can secure the investment banking services it needs, email US Capital Global Securities at or call +1 (415) 889­1010.


Financing Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Healthcare Industry

US Capital Partners experiences rising demand for customized and scalable alternative financing solutions from smaller enterprises serving the US healthcare industry.

Owning and operating a small or medium-sized business in the healthcare industry can be highly rewarding. Nevertheless, healthcare is also an industry that can come with larger overheads and require significantly higher levels of capital expenditure. Structuring and securing the right business financing is therefore essential.

Providing Custom Financing for Healthcare Companies

US Capital Partners’ healthcare finance team understands the industry and the challenges owners and CFOs face. The firm has deep experience in financing businesses across a wide range of healthcare sub-industries, including medical devices and equipment, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical facilities and services, and drug manufacturing.

“US Capital Partners has a reputation for being an innovator in the healthcare financing space,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “Over the past 36 months, the firm has already provided well over $200 million in financing for small to lower middle market businesses that serve the US healthcare industry. Our finance professionals understand the challenges and opportunities in the industry, and can design a healthcare financing solution that fits the specific needs of your business.”

Example Transactions

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To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call (415) 889-1010.


Leveraging Your Intellectual Property to Secure Debt Financin

US Capital Partners recognizes the value of IP assets, and helps small and medium-sized businesses leverage their patents, trademarks, and brands to secure well-structured debt financing.

Why should CEOs and business owners care about IP assets? Because they cannot afford to do otherwise. Not only are IP rights valuable assets, but they can facilitate access to credit, or help in negotiating greater availability and lower interest rates on credits.

Can You Bank on Your IP?

Tangible and Intangible AssetsIntangible assets are now estimated to represent at least 84% of the market value of S&P 500 companies. Today’s most promising companies are built on intangible assets, especially their patents, trademarks, and brands. In many cases there is more value in the IP of a business than in its tangible assets.

Nonetheless, commercial lending practices still favor businesses rich in tangible assets (such as machinery, raw materials, land, and buildings) to use as security. This is gradually changing. Increasingly, alternative lenders are willing to use IP assets as collateral for loans. The collateralization of IP often also helps increase the amount of credit available.

One Reason Many Smaller Businesses Remain “Underbanked”

Many smaller entrepreneurial companies struggle to secure the financing they need to grow. According to the 2016 Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Report, nearly 88% of privately owned businesses report having the enthusiasm to execute growth strategies; yet just 50% report having the necessary financial resources to successfully execute growth strategies.

One reason for this shortfall in financing has been ongoing regulatory pressures on banks. Another reason that is often overlooked is that our economy has been gradually shifting to one in which intangible assets represent a greater share of the overall value of job-creating companies. Many lenders are still catching up to this reality.

How US Capital Partners Can Help

US Capital Partners provides IP-backed growth-capital term loans of $5 million upwards to pre-revenue companies and enterprises with negative cash flow, if their IP collateral is sufficient and their projected cash flow can meet debt service in a 12–18 month period.

Valuing IP assets can be a complex, uncertain, and time-consuming task. US Capital Partners is also able to offer insurance on IP defensibility, thereby effectively underwriting the IP valuation. As a result, if patents are held to be invalid or fail to reach a minimum valuation on a sale, the insurer will pay out on a proportion of the valuation. This helps “de-risk” IP assets as collateral.

Unlike many traditional lenders, US Capital Partners recognizes the value of IP assets and will assist IP-rich businesses overcome barriers at all stages of financing, by helping them leverage their IP assets.

To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call +1 (415) 889-1010.


USCGS Hosting Investor Briefing with Principals of CommunityLeader, Inc., an Early Stage FinTech Co.

USCGS will host an online investor presentation (webinar) for parties interested in CLi's equity offering.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2016 -- US Capital Global Securities has announced the date of the online investor presentation for their client CommunityLeader. “Providing investors direct access to the principals of a company is important,” said Charles Towle. “CommunityLeader has a powerful story and robust software. We want prospective investors to have an opportunity to hear that story directly from the company’s principals.”
The online investor presentation will be facilitated by a registered banker associated with USCGS on May 18, at 10am PDT. The webinar will include a Q&A session with CommunityLeader and the USCGS team. All prospective investors are asked to register by clicking here and then following the "Register" link.
“This virtual roadshow is available thanks to our new online platform,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, CEO of US Capital Partners, Inc., the parent company to USCGS. “The ability to provide online presentations to investors and follow up easily is one of the many qualities of the CommunityLeader software that appeals to us.” 

About CommunityLeader, Inc.

CommunityLeader, Inc. is a Nevada-based financial technology (FinTech) corporation that offers market-leading, web-based securities offering platforms and services, designed to be regulatory compliant, for both single and serial issuers and broker dealers on a marketplace setting. CLi’s proprietary software as a service (SaaS) has been uniquely positioned with the hope to become the dominant investment operating system for the sale of private securities worldwide.

CLi has 4 years of market and client experience with over 27 currently active portals, with such portals having successfully entered into 140 multinational engagements to date, representing over $200 million in raised capital. The company’s SaaS was designed from inception with the goal of meeting the regulatory requirements for financial data storage, retention, and tracking. The company is led by seasoned industry veterans, FinTech and software specialists, and leading experts in private securities and securities law.

To learn more about this recent engagement or about how your business can secure the investment banking services it needs, email US Capital Global Securities at or call +1 (415) 889-1010.


Jack Monopoli Joins US Capital Partners as Senior Vice President

Leading private investment bank for the lower middle market appoints additional Senior Vice President following another year of strong business growth.

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 2016 – US Capital Partners Inc. announced today that Jack Giacomo Monopoli has joined the firm as Senior Vice President. Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Partners is a private investment bank that makes direct debt investments, participates in debt facilities, and has wide distribution for debt and equity private placements for small and medium-sized businesses.

Prior to US Capital Partners, Mr. Monopoli was Managing Director and Head of Corporate Services Trading at Merriman Capital, Inc. in San Francisco. In this role, he served as a trading liaison to the firm’s corporate clients, and as a market maker and trader for its institutional, family office, and high-net-worth investor clients.

Before joining Merriman Capital, Mr. Monopoli was at ThinkEquity Partners in San Francisco, where he was Head of Trading and a member of the firm’s Management Committee. Mr. Monopoli also served as a Managing Director at US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, and as a principal at Thomas Weisel Partners in San Francisco.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome Jack to the firm,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “Jack has joined the firm’s Investment Banking group following another year of increased demand for our innovative, customized debt and equity financing solutions. Jack brings many years of experience in capital markets and in institutional investor services to US Capital Partners, as well as advisory expertise in capital formation. He will be responsible for all aspects of US Capital Partners’ debt and equity business development, advisory services, and client relationship management.”

About US Capital Partners Inc.

Since 1998, US Capital Partners Inc. has been providing well-structured, custom finance solutions to private and public companies with up to $250 million in top-line sales revenue or project size. Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Partners is a private investment bank that makes direct debt and equity investments between $500,000 and $100 million, participates in debt facilities, and has very wide distribution for debt and equity private placements. The firm also offers financial advisory services for buy-side and sell-side engagements and for capital formation, including early-stage financings requiring equity or debt.

To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call (415) 889-1010.