What We Are About

Wider Access to Wealth Creation

Since 1998, US Capital Partners has been committed to providing small and lower middle market businesses and investors with sophisticated debt, equity, and investment opportunities usually available only to larger middle market companies and institutional investors. To efficiently pursue this mission, we manage a variety of direct investment funds, act as a licensed placement agent, and collaborate closely with our referral sources and peers in professional banking and investment advisory.

Do Well by Doing Good

We are committed to profitable economic development with the additional benefit of socially responsible investing and positive social impact. Small and lower middle market businesses are renowned as the engine of socially positive job creation and economic development. Investment opportunities that create jobs can also offer very attractive, risk-adjusted returns to investors. Many of these opportunities are not well served by larger financial institutions.

Beyond job creation and expanding economic activity, we as a company are committed to our core values of diversity and positive social and environmental impact. We achieve this by thoughtfully serving our clients and investors, as well as through the philanthropic projects we support. We carefully choose our clients and partners based on these shared values, which are reflected also in the business opportunities we pursue.

Technological Innovation

US Capital Partners’ technological innovation in finance reduces “transaction friction” and makes smaller deals more efficient and practical than ever before. We embrace new, progressive financial regulations that permit “general solicitation,” allowing investment opportunities to be offered to non-institutional investors who might otherwise never encounter them. We can advertise these offerings and make them available through our secure online data rooms and platforms, accessible at any time from any place by anyone.

We utilize alternative trading system platforms that facilitate the offering and sale of venture secondary or pre-IPO securities to qualified purchasers. This creates much needed liquidity for earlier investors. The investment vehicles created for these offerings are designed to minimize counterparty risk to the greatest extent possible.

We are always eager to leverage emerging technologies and regulations so long as they offer new efficiencies and are aligned with our core values of serving our clients, investors, and community.