Introducing US Capital Global

To provide you with increasing synergy across our expanding products and services, and to reflect our international reach, we are consolidating under a single flagship brand, US Capital Global.

The US Capital team has provided asset management and corporate finance services to our clients for over 20 years now. Clients are now served in international locations with relationships in most global financial centers. Having one brand, US Capital Global, allows us to expand the opportunity for profitable relationships for our clients across our different business units.

Our wealth management clients often have holdings in private companies or real estate, and thus can also make profitable use of our investment banking services for corporate finance. When our investment banking services result in a wealth-generating event for a client, they can take advantage of our sophisticated wealth management services for themselves and their family.

US Capital Global Wealth Management, US Capital Global Investment Management, US Capital Global Securities, US Capital Global Reality, and Corporate Finance are all now under the US Capital Global brand.

We look forward to better serving all our clients and friends under this new configuration with more efficient, technology-expanded offerings.