Plenty of Money Available for Small Businesses Who Seek Out Alternative Lenders for Working Capital

JPMorgan recently announced that it would add $4 billion in small business loans. However, there are still many companies unable to qualify for credit despite efforts by commercial banks to ramp up small business lending.

Credit remains tight for small businesses across the country, despite this “window dressing” feel boost from U.S. banks. What we are seeing here is a bunch of sound bites created by the commercial banks who are merely pretending to pay attention to Main Street’s needs to gain political capital. The billions in loans offered to alleviate the credit crunch is not going to help many small businesses that are still struggling with the down economy and do not have the financial strength to meet the stringent lending criteria of these banks.

Even with new lending initiatives from intuitions like JPMorgan Chase, business owners still face incredible difficultly qualifying for credit and obtaining the funding they need, and will need to seek out alternative lenders available to assist with financial recovery.

That's the good news: There's already plenty of help available for small businesses that need funding. Alternative financing options, like asset-based lending, can help many businesses get the backing they need when the banks say “No.” While these loans may cost businesses more in interest in the short-term, they are helpful and necessary to get a business back on its feet. And it's critical that businesses who need financial restructuring work seek out an expert who has experience in re-structuring and providing alternative debt for small businesses. This can provide capital for your business to help make it through the downturn into the recovery so you can once again qualify for commercial bank loans at lower rates.

Help for small business lending is not on the way – it’s already been here, but you need to know where to look. If your business doesn’t fit the bank’s narrow (and narrowing) loan criteria, this is a time when you need to think outside the box to get help rehabilitating and re-structuring your finances. But you can’t wait for JPMorgan to loan you money or for Obama to fix the economy – you need to be proactive in managing your business and seek out a specialized financial advisor/lender who can help you re-structure your finances in a way that makes sense for you.

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