Businesses Still Struggling to Borrow Money Have Promising Financing Options Amid Slow Economic Rebound

Businesses that are having difficulty finding the optimal solution to their financing needs amid the nation's slow economic rebound often don’t know where to turn for help. Additionally, reports that small businesses in the U.S. are struggling to borrow money from the banks may be deceptive, so they shouldn’t scare off businesses from seeking financing. For example, when stats report that borrowing is down, you have to take into consideration that growth and demand for loans is also down.

Banks are still making loans, so it’s important to not rely too heavily on statistics when looking for financing solutions for your business’s unique needs. While many businesses are either struggling to stay afloat or finding it difficult to capitalize on upcoming commercial growth opportunities, others are taking advantage of alternative financing options to secure new financing even in tough times for small business lending.

What many businesses don’t realize is the extent to which they can leverage their business assets to secure funding. Alternative financing options can help businesses unlock the value of their assets to get the backing they need when the commercial banks say ‘No.’ So for those businesses that don’t fit the bank’s narrow lending criteria, there are alternative lenders that are more specialized and ready to help business secure the funding the need.

As a private investment bank, we differentiate ourselves in the market with an unusual approach designed and economically driven put us in a customer-focused, fiduciary position. My personal business philosophy is centered around service and effectively providing much needed partnership directly with our clients.

Our experience is that most small businesses and even lower middle market business managers, CFOs, and financial advisors have little knowledge of financial products and markets available for borrowing. They also may be lost when it comes to harnessing the New Rules of Funding for corporate credit sourcing. Small business commercial banking as well as alternative lending are vastly fragmented industries.

We are dedicated to educating businesses to help them understand the market and determine appropriate service providers in that sector. And because of the severe fragmentation in the small business lending market, it is crucial for businesses to start asking questions and forming relationships before financing is desperately needed. So as lenders, we plan to continue educate and collaborate with businesses to help them understand alternative options for funding. As more banks are saying “No” to lending, it is more important than ever for businesses to know where to look, who to speak with, and understand what pricing is appropriate for their unique situation.

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