U.S. Banks' Small Business Lending Falls at Epic Pace

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about how small business lending remains steady on a downward trend unseen since 1942. Top-tier banks may be on the mend, but banks geared to small business financing have seen a full-year decline in lending for small businesses and a record 702 banks are at risk of failure.

While policy makers push for banks to increase small business lending, a combination of prudent lending, less demand, and rare creditworthiness is contributing to the decline, expected to last through 2010.

According to the article Lending Falls at Epic Pace by Michael R. Crittenden and Marshall Eckblad:
“It remains unclear whether the sharp decline in loans outstanding stems from banks’ tightening standards and a fear of lending, or from weak demand from potential borrower spooked by the downturn.”

In any situation, it’s important for struggling businesses to be pro-active instead of reactive about protecting their small business financing. I recently blogged about what you need to do if your bank is one of the 700 on the FDIC’s ‘Troubled’ List.

Smart financing advisory means looking for solutions even while small business lending hits the bottom of the credit cycle. There are alternatives for small business financing that services like US Capital Partners can help your business secure.

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