Financial Aid for Small Businesses: Unlock Credit with Immediate and Innovative Alternative Financing Solutions

A recent Wall Street Journal article, Obama Acts to Aid Small Businesses, reported that the Obama administration is continuing its attempts to ease the credit squeeze afflicting small businesses. In addition to buying up to $15 billion of securities that are linked to small-business loans, the administration’s plan included provisions increasing loan guarantees for small business to 90 percent of the loan value to encourage banks and other lenders to extend credit, and waiving the Small Business Administration’s loan fees and requiring banks that received federal bailout money to report each month how much small-business lending they did.

“Today, too many entrepreneurs can’t access the capital to start, operate, or grow their business,” Mr. Obama said. “Too many dreams are being deferred or denied by a form letter canceling a line of credit.”

With all the focus on changing lending practices to unlock credit for small businesses, many people may not realize that alternative lending solutions for small businesses have been available all along - if people know where to look. There are many cost-effective alternative financing options available when a business does not fit the bank’s lending risk profile. That way the small businesses can get the alternative financing they need until they recover. In order to take leverage these solutions to unlock working capital, it's important to understand the small business financing landscape.

With the national unemployment rate clinging to double digits, it's critical that we rally behind small businesses - but we need to be able to provide them viable long-term solutions. Additionally, there are many businesses still struggling to stay afloat or finding it difficult to capitalize on upcoming growth opportunities. These businesses need to turn to resources with experience in financial restructuring and a proven track record of providing immediate, innovative, and reliable financing solutions. To find out more, check out Alternative Financing Options: Securing Small Business Loans for Working and Growth Capital.

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