How to Protect Your Small Business Financing in Times of Record Bank Failures

A reported 140 banks closed doors in 2009 — the highest number since 1992. Compare that to the 25 failed banks in 2008 and four in 2007. See list of 2009 FDIC list failed banks

The graphic on the right illustrates bank closures over the past 10 years. Go to for an interactive infographic where you can see the trickle of red dots slowly build up over the first half of the decade — and it quickly turns into a blood bath as we roll into 2008, 2009 and 2010.

With U.S. small business lending falling at an epic pace, you might be wondering what you can do if your business currently doesn't fit a bank's lending risk profile. There are alternative small business lenders like US Capital Partners that can help you secure small business loans for working and growth capital.

You can also read more about what you need to do to secure working capital for your business if your bank is on the FDIC's problem bank list. This includes being proactive and not re-active about protecting your small business financing. 

Additionally, businesses who are in danger of losing their small business loans should be prepared to protect their financing in this current climate and seek financing outside the normal lending parameters.

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