Be An Instrument of Change in 2011: Our Resolution to Help Restore Confidence to the Business Banking and Finance Industry

I like look to the new year as a time for new opportunity. And as our economy is slowly rebounding, I see great opportunity to be an instrument of change in 2011 and beyond. After the recent debacle in the credit markets, it is more important then ever that investment bankers and lenders consider ways to work to restore confidence and integrity to the business banking and finance industry.

As an entreuprener and small business lending expert, my resolution this year is to demonstrate and articulate best practices and principals for the industry, as well as continue to act on education, transparency, alignment of interests, full disclosure, and service to both clients and investors in a cooperative model.

The commercial finance industry at large remains fragmented with most lenders specializing in a particular asset class for lending. Furthermore, due to the continued constriction of traditional bank or cash-flow loans, companies often turn to private banks like US Capital Partners to obtain optimal financing solutions for securing adequate working and growth capital. As an alternative lender, our ability to loan against a wide variety of diverse asset classes makes us attractive to other lenders interested in co-lending with us on the alternative assets while they lend on their favored assets. Ultimately, this cooperative lending model allows us to work with other lenders and dealmakers to structure optimum financing solutions on behalf of our clients.

With the widespread tightening of lending standards, businesses who aren’t a good fit for marquee lenders need to look outside the bankable box to these private investment banks who are readily available to help businesses secure financing for appropriate working and growth capital. Read more about how to secure Alternative Financing and Small Business Loans for Working and Growth Capital.

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