And the Most Innovative Entrepreneur Is...‬

Source: The Wall Street Journal

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal announced the winner and finalists of its Small Business, Big Innovation competition.
Back in July, the Journal invited entrepreneurs to share the ideas they used to survive the worst downturn in decades. More than 100 entries poured in, and the Journal’s small-business staff narrowed the field to 10 finalists, with a panel of editors then selecting an overall winner.
The 10 finalists are a selection of remarkable small business owners who managed to thrive despite the serious economic downturn by employing diverse strategies. Some, like overall winner Quadlogic Controls Corp. from New York City, daringly reinvented themselves. Others, such as Seattle-based Henrybuilt Corp., expanded their offerings, adding goods or services to appeal to customers with less disposable income. Some tapped new markets to cater to a larger demographic or an underserved niche; and others, like California-based Back to the Roots LLC, cut their expenses, by eliminating costly infrastructure.
Impressed, as always, by the innovation and courage of such small business owners, I decided to add a comment below the article:

“Congratulations to these innovative entrepreneurs. These are precisely the small businesses and, more importantly, the owners we seek out and back with our growth capital financing here at US Capital Partners. When resourcefulness and creativity meet an economic challenge, our experience is there can be not just survival, but growth and success. Good, illustrative article.”