Innovation as the Key to America’s Economic Future

I was recently interviewed by BusinessNewsDaily for their CEO Roundtable: How Do You Innovate?  I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the significance of innovation in driving businesses forward. While innovation is important in every business endeavor, it is even more so for small business.

President Barack Obama recently stated that the key to America's economic future is innovation. However, incorporating innovation while managing a business on a daily basis can be challenging.

At USCP, our business model is entirely structured around innovation.                                                  

We factor it in filling the financing gaps created by other institutions in the domain for small to lower middle market companies. Businesses go to lenders when borrowing from a bank is not a viable option for attaining growth capital. Lenders then offer their services by providing opportunities that might otherwise be missed out on. This is accomplished by really understanding the core of their client's business  - going beyond a 'small-box profile'. This translates into offering specifically catered solutions that work with the unique business model of the business. 

New Paradigm for Small Business Lending

We rank innovation high up with integrity. We see both as essential for driving business. Our business model is attuned to the fast-changing nature of the market and we feel it's quite creative. The financial industry is not stagnant; contrary to widespread belief, it is constantly changing. For example, solutions are readily available, but difficult to spot. This is where innovation plays a key part. We get to know the market our client operates in and we advise and offer access to what is not generally perceived as an available financial product. This serves both our investors and borrower clients.

While banks are turning down lending, our approach in financial leadership is to shift the funding paradigm in order to drive the success of our clients.  As a private investment bank, direct lender, co-lender and lead financial arranger, we specialize in asset-based debt for small- to middle-market private and public companies. 

If You Don’t Innovate – Your Competition Will

Whatever kind of client you are working with, how you market to them and what products you are offering - innovation needs to be part of your corporate culture or you may be opening your business up to losing sales from more innovative competition.

Our approach is about service and education (versus selling) and our philosophy is customer-driven. This means we are economically driven and in a position to offer the requested service and advice.  We feel this is an innovative move on our part and what really differentiates us as an alternative small business lender.

Our culture of innovation means that our directors are constantly asking “are we still relevant?”

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Since 1998, US Capital Partners has been providing prompt, innovative, and reliable financing solutions including lending, corporate financing, and debt re-structuring to businesses across the United States and abroad. US Capital is a private investment bank, direct lender, co-lender, and lead financial arranger that specializes in asset-based debt for small- to middle-market private and public companies. The company’s innovative approach allows them to provide the best financing available, not only for companies in excellent financial condition, but also for companies who may have been refused credit by traditional lenders. If you would like to know more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, visit or call (415) 882-7160.