US Capital Partners News: USCP Negotiates and Manages Successful Refinancing and Restructuring for Auto Parts Distributor

The economy is though and with the banks still reluctant to extend loans to smaller companies, many small business owners and CEOs find themselves struggling to secure the working capital they need.

If a business happens to have a troubled relationship with its bank or with key suppliers, or both, the situation can become critical. In many cases, it is the bank that pushes the small business firm over the edge.

At US Capital Partners ("USCP"), we are a private investment bank, direct lender, co-lender, and lead financial arranger that specializes in business loans for small to middle-market companies. We recently worked with a regional auto parts and accessories distributor that, like many smaller companies, started running into problems in 2007–09 with declining sales. The company had a line of credit with a regional bank, and unfortunately, it was unable to recover profitability quickly enough to maintain this lending relationship. The company not only urgently needed financing to repay the bank, but also to provide additional working capital to bridge the gap between collecting AR and paying vendors.

This case exemplifies the typical aggressive reaction of banks, the pressures that many small businesses find themselves under when they are forced to exit their bank, the challenges they face when trying to refinance, and the serious problems that arise when the situation is not managed properly. Through our intervention, some debt was forgiven, the business was sold, and the owners were able to retain their personal and commercial real estate assets.

There really is a much greater need for the kind of innovative services that USCP offers now, given the recent regulatory changes in the financial markets and the ongoing global financial crisis and economic downturn. When lenders lose patience with borrowers, there is often insufficient financing available for these borrowers to take the lenders out.  These and other challenges call for an experienced specialist to negotiate and manage the refinancing or restructuring process to a successful outcome.

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