Secure the Financing You Need to Grow Your Small Business

Many small-business owners are preparing themselves for a year of growth. Find out how to secure the financing you need when the big banks continue to restrict small-business lending.

Small-Business Owners Anticipate Growth in 2012 

Small-business owners are feeling decidedly more optimistic this year about the outlook of their own businesses and the overall US economy. According to the National Small Business Association’s latest report, 75% of small-business owners said they are confident about the future of their own business, which represents the highest level of confidence reported in three years. When asked about their expectations for business growth, 47% said they expect growth in 2012, and 17% said their business is growing already. 

Access to Capital is Hindering Expansion


Source: Pepperdine University, “2012 Economic Forecast.”

According to a recent survey by Pepperdine University of over 3,100 owners of small and medium-sized businesses in the US, 49% of respondents consider a lack of bank loans to be restricting opportunities for business growth.

This is supported by the National Small Business Association, which reported that financing remains a problem for 30% of small businesses. Among small-businesses for which capital availability has been a problem, 10% have been unable to increase inventory to meet demand as a result, and 16% have been unable to finance increased sales.

How to Secure the Financing You Need

The good news is that there is in fact a wide spread of financing available to small businesses, if they know where to look. That financing is not with the big banks, which continue to restrict lending to smaller companies, but with smaller banks and specialty lenders

The small-business lending marketplace is highly fragmented. If you need financing, leading small-business lending and an advisory firm, US Capital Partners, LLC will not only find the right mix of specialty lenders for your business, but will also negotiate and coordinate between them to secure optimal financing for your business. US Capital Partners will structure your financing so that it is scalable, allowing you to access additional capital as you grow.

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