US Capital Partners Assists Baby Care Product Company

Developer of Baby Care Products | $1,000,000, RefinancingU.S. Capital Partners (USCP) works to secure the best possible financing for clients by broadening our range, serving as lead arranger, direct lender, and co-lender. We employed this strategy recently with a business client that was in need of access to more flexible funds in order to expand its operation, and we were able to secure a $1 million revolving line of credit for them.

Our experienced and skilled financial team at USCP was successfully able to secure the $1 million revolving line of credit for a baby care product company because we made it our business to understand their business; in other words, we conducted a thorough survey of the company’s product, service, market, and business model, in addition to their principal net worth, practices we often employ with our clients to accurately determine their needs and the best possible resources to attain those needs. This particular client required timely access to additional working capital in order to introduce new marketing and sales initiatives, and we were able to help by refinancing their current debt with a commercial bank that is in and we were able to provide that for them in a prompt manner.

Based in California, this baby care product company creates, markets, and distributes fashionable products for babies and parents (primarily babies), including luxury blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and hooded bath towels.

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