Recent Deal Engagements

$14M ($2M LOC & $12M TL). Texas based provider of chemical-free water treatment services to the oil and gas industry seeks working capital. Profitability and strong management team.

$2M TL. Florida based nutraceutical development and sales company seeking acquisition capital. Strong guarantor and solid cash flow.

$8M AR Facility. Canadian based developer and manufacturer of oil, gas and water process solutions seeking working capital. Public company with audited financials and strong management.

$12.5M TL. Ohio based developer seeking working capital to complete and market existing and future real-estate projects. Real estate and strong management.

$1.5M M&E TL. Alaska based precious metals processing plant seeking working capital. Boot collateral available.

$24M TL. Kansas based manufacturer of natural gas compressor units seeking working capital. Profitable company with strong management.

$5M M&E TL. Texas based drilling company seeking working and acquisition capital. Equipment and revenue.

Jeffrey Sweeney