How to Secure the Working Capital Your Business Needs to Grow

US Capital Partners continues to provide small and lower middle market companies with the working capital they need to help create and sustain business innovation and growth.

Small-business confidence has risen sharply, the National Small Business Association reported recently. As many as 72% of respondents expressed confidence about the future of their business, up from 66% six months ago; and 46% believe there will be growth opportunities for their business in the coming year.

There are many factors that lead to sustained business growth, but one requirement is undisputed: growth is impossible without adequate access to working capital, the lifeblood of any enterprise.

A Lack of Capital Is Hindering Business Growth

Unsurprisingly, more than a quarter of smaller businesses report that they are planning to raise new financing by the end of the year. Reasons for needing external financing include supporting planned future growth (52%), covering expected working capital fluctuations (50%), and meeting expected increases in demand (45%).

But for many smaller businesses, securing sufficient working capital for growth remains an ongoing challenge. According to the National Small Business Association, more than one in four small businesses are unable to get the financing they need. When these enterprises apply for business loans, they are frequently turned down.

Securing the Working Capital You Need

In many cases, loan applicants are successful businesses that for one reason or other fall outside the standard parameters for traditional bank financing. Often, they approach the wrong type of lender or fail to present their application in the best way from a lender’s perspective. Some smaller businesses choose not to raise financing at all simply because they believe they will be rejected, because of a lack of expertise, or because of a shortage of time.

US Capital Partners is at the cutting-edge of small and lower middle market business financing. The firm offers highly competitive asset-based loans, cash-flow loans, bridge financing, and growth capital loans. “We approached US Capital Partners for a working capital line of credit to support our ongoing growth,” said Lowell Giffhorn, CFO at Imagenetix, a California-based public company traded on NASDAQ. “US Capital Partners has successfully structured and provided financing for us that maximizes our borrowing eligibility. We are very pleased with the result and process.”

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Jeffrey Sweeney