US Capital Partners Supports US Businesses in the Technology Industry

US Capital Partners has provided over $250 million in flexible and scalable financing for technology companies across the United States in the last 24 months.

More than anything, technology companies are associated with innovation and invention. Technology is an industry that generally comes with higher R&D overheads and that can require significant levels of capital expenditure. Structuring and securing the right business financing is therefore essential.

Providing Custom Financing for Technology Companies

US Capital Partners US Capital Partners’ technology finance team understands the changing technology marketplace and the challenges owners and CFOs of technology companies face. The firm has deep experience in financing businesses across a wide range of technology sectors, including semiconductors, enterprise and application software, internet content and services, networking and communications technology, electronics manufacturing and distribution, and consumer and industrial electronics.

“US Capital Partners has a reputation for being an innovator in the technology financing space,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “In the last 24 months, the firm has already provided over $250 million in financing for small and medium-sized businesses serving the US technology industry. Our finance professionals understand the challenges and opportunities in the industry, and can design flexible solutions that fit the specific needs of your business.”

Example Transactions

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To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call (415) 889-1010.

Jeffrey Sweeney