Indications of a Positive Stock Market Future

The stock market is forward looking.  While the past can shape how we discount the future, stock valuations are theoretically the present values of future cash flows discounted back to today.
There are relationships between economic activity today and probable economic activity in the future.  Rather than guess what is likely to happen in the future, disciplined investors use statistically relevant relationships between today’s events and probable future outcomes to make educated forecasts of what might happen next.
We have found the Leading Economic Index (LEI) and Treasury Yield Curve to be robust, reliable forward looking indicators of recessions.  History tells us that extreme bear markets occur during recessionary times.  Being able to forecast recessions is useful for avoiding major bear stock markets.  This week, the LEI and Yield Curve are indicating a very low probability of recession anytime during the next six months.  The LEI was updated late last week and has had three consecutive positive month-over-month gains of 0.6%.  This is bullish for stocks.
While we have high confidence in the LEI and Yield Curve as standalone indicators, it is confidence boosting when other indicators point in the same direction.  This week, we highlight the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) and the Pickup Truck Sales (PTS) Indicator.  Chemicals and pickup trucks are closely associated with a significant amount of economic activity in the U.S.
The Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a leading economic indicator created by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), posted its strongest year-over-year gain in nearly seven years. The 5.5 percent increase over this time last year reflects elevated consumer and business confidence and an overall rising optimism in the U.S. economy.


Pickup trucks are often sold to small, independent business people.  Many pickup trucks are used in the construction industry.  In the past week, we saw the highest home builder sentiment in twelve years.  The chart below shows pickup truck sales from 1980 through 2016.


On the chart above, recessions are marked with vertical dark grey bars.  Before all recessions during this time period, pick-up truck sales either leveled off or declined.  Today, pickup truck sales are showing a steady, positive upward trajectory.  No sign of impending recession and stock market stress.
Positive indicators do not alleviate investors from day-to-day volatility caused by an uncertain world.  This week, concerns about the probability of Trump’s lower taxes, scaled back Affordable Care Act and reduction of regulation agenda would become a reality caused the banking and healthcare sectors to pull-back especially hard relative to the broader indexes.
Reliable, time-tested indicators help keep emotions out of the investment decision process.  Short-term volatility can cause investors to make emotional, sub-optimal investment decisions.   Although the S&P 500 incurred its first greater than 1% daily decline this week since October 11, 2016 (roughly six months ago), our indicators remain bullish.

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