US Capital Business Credit Income Fund Electronically Available on Leading Public Brokerage Platforms

Private credit fund targeting highly promising growth-orientated smaller businesses has been publicly assigned a CUSIP number, opening the door to North America’s largest brokerage platforms.

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Business Credit Income Fund

SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 2017 – US Capital Investment Management, LLC is pleased to announce it is now able to offer its US Capital Business Credit Income Fund, LP (the “Credit Fund”) to accredited investors on leading public brokerage platforms in North America. Fund balances and activity are reported in monthly account statements and fund income distributions accumulate in client brokerage platform accounts.

Founder and Managing Partner Jeffrey Sweeney’s aim in creating the Credit Fund was to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to its Limited Partner investors, redeemable in cash every quarter, primarily by providing direct senior loans to highly promising small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Credit Fund is managed by the firm’s private investment and asset management division, US Capital Investment Management, LLC.

Charles and Jeff

“The Credit Fund especially targets SMBs in excellent financial condition that regulated lenders are unable to finance, primarily because of regulatory banking constraints,” said Sweeney. “I am delighted that the opportunity to participate in the Credit Fund is now open widely to eligible investors and to RIAs acting on behalf of their clients not only through our own digital investment platform at, but through leading public brokerage platforms.”

“The first series of investments into the Credit Fund have just been made through one of the largest brokerage platforms in the United States,” added Charles Towle, principal of US Capital Global Securities, LLC, the Credit Fund’s registered distributor. “We are proud to be making this private investment opportunity available electronically to our wide network of accredited investors, RIAs, and affiliate broker dealers.”

To learn more about the Credit Fund or to get started, call Pat Steele on (415) 889-1025.

About the Fund

US Capital Business Credit Income Fund, LP targets established businesses with annual revenues of up to $100 million and with EBITDA of $500,000 to $10 million. The General Partner believes that this segment continues to be underserved by traditional lending sources. The Credit Fund aims to capitalize on what it believes is a very strong lending opportunity by making short to medium-term direct senior debt investments, with the average lifetime of loans expected to be 36 months. The Credit Fund’s asset-based collateral management approach and in-depth underwriting analysis allow it to offer “middle market” customized financing solutions to smaller businesses, thereby providing creative capital to propel these businesses into their growth curve.

To learn more about US Capital Investment Management, LLC or this investment opportunity, email Pat Steele at or call +1 (415) 889-1025.

Jeffrey Sweeney