Financing Expanding Businesses in Real Estate and Construction

US Capital Partners experiences rising demand for scalable alternative financing solutions from enterprises serving the real estate and construction industries.

After a decade on the sideline, first-time buyers are rushing to buy homes, according to The Wall Street Journal this month. This promises to further boost a housing market already flush with luxury sales. Real estate and construction are increasingly offering growth opportunities, but they also require significantly higher levels of capital expenditure. Structuring and securing the right business financing is therefore essential.

Providing Custom Financing for Real Estate and Construction Companies

US Capital Partners’ real estate finance team understands the industry and the challenges owners and CFOs face. The firm has deep experience in financing businesses across a wide range of real estate sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial, and also in the hospitality industry.

“US Capital Partners has a reputation for being an innovator in the real estate and construction financing space,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “Over the past 24 months, the firm has already provided well over $200 million in financing for small to lower middle market businesses that serve the North American real estate and construction industries.”

“US Capital Partners has a history of successful closings in the commercial and residential real estate sectors,” said Managing Partner Charles Towle. “This February, the firm also successfully launched a $250 million income-generating real estate fund in partnership with Noble Capital Group. Managed by US Capital Investment Management, the new private investment fund aims to offer accredited investors consistent returns through senior secured, first-lien mortgages on residential real estate in Texas.”

Example Transactions by US Capital Partners

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To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at or call (415) 889-1010.

Jeffrey Sweeney