Dr. Baty and Dr. Canvasser Join US Capital Partners as Senior Vice Presidents

Leading private investment bank for the lower middle market appoints two Senior Vice Presidents to its expanding FinTech and healthcare finance divisions.

Dr. Baty, Dr. Canvasser Senior Vice Presidents SAN FRANCISCO, SEPTEMBER 2015 – US Capital Partners Inc. announced today that Dr. James B. Baty and Dr. Bruce Canvasser have joined the firm as Senior Vice Presidents and as members of its strategic advisory board. Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Partners is a private investment bank that makes direct debt investments, participates in debt facilities, and has robust distribution for debt and equity private placements for small and medium-sized businesses.

James B. Baty, PhD, is recognized as an expert in the design, implementation, and management of large-scale distributed information technology. At Oracle Corp., he served as Vice President of the Global Enterprise Architecture Program, defining hybrid cloud architecture and enterprise technology strategies. Prior to Oracle, Dr. Baty was Vice President, Chief Architect, and CTO for Sun Microsystems’ Global Sales & Services division. He is renowned for his work designing key business systems for global telecommunications and financial services companies. Dr. Baty was the first person in the Sun Services division to be recognized as a Sun Distinguished Engineer.

Bruce Canvasser, ND, is a highly experienced healthcare professional, with more than 35 years in the healthcare industry. He has served as Instructor of Botanical Medicine, Clinic Director, and Board of Trustee member at National College of Naturopathic Medical School in Portland, Oregon now called National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Canvasser was appointed by two Governors of the State of Oregon to serve for two three-year terms on the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners. He is licensed to practice medicine in Oregon as a naturopathic physician.

“I am delighted to welcome Dr. Baty and Dr. Canvasser to the firm,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “With Dr. Baty as a strategic advisor, US Capital Partners is well-positioned to accelerate the market disruption the firm is already causing in the evolving FinTech arena, with a focus on the small and lower middle market. Co-founder of one of the first dietary supplement companies to serve naturopathic and other health care professionals, Dr. Canvasser brings a wealth of experience to US Capital Partners’ expanding healthcare finance division. We are honored to have the benefit of their insight and strategic guidance as we take US Capital Partners into its next phase of growth.”

About US Capital Partners Inc.

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Jeffrey Sweeney