US Capital Partners Funds Ongoing Education of Nearly 50 Girls in Rural India

Leading private investment bank for small and medium-sized businesses sponsors the education of additional children in need, to match number of employees at the firm.

SAN FRANCISCO, October 2015 – US Capital Partners Inc. has a long and proud history of backing nonprofit and social enterprise causes. The firm is pleased to announce that it has tripled its monthly financial contribution to Sandipani Muni School, which currently runs four nonprofit primary and secondary schools for some of the poorest children, especially girls, in Braj, India.

“I have no words to express my gratitude,” said Rupa Raghunath Das, founder of Sandipani Muni School. “It means a lot to us, as we are struggling financially to continue our nonprofit work in Braj. It is very encouraging to know that you are with us in this wonderful opportunity to change lives and make history. Thank you so much for your support.”

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“We are delighted to have the opportunity to back Sandipani Muni School and the incredible work of Rupa Raghunath Das and his team,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “Our firm now sponsors the ongoing education of nearly 50 girls. We have pledged to sponsor an additional girl for each new hire at the firm, so that our support roughly matches the headcount at US Capital Partners, as we continue to grow. If any friends, partners, or clients are looking for a worthy philanthropic cause to support, I highly recommend this project.”

US Capital Partners actively supports local nonprofit organizations too, such as the San Francisco Food Bank, The Puente Project, and Educational Opportunities of Los Angeles, which provides educational services for youth. The firm’s expanding Philanthropic Solutions group also helps provide intelligently structured, custom financing for nonprofits in the United States and abroad.

About Sandipani Muni School

Located in Uttar Pradesh, India, Sandipani Muni School provides education for more than 1,500 children in need, from kindergarten to secondary education. Sandipani Muni School is run by Food for Life Vrindavan, a humanitarian nonprofit organization officially recognized by the Indian government. For the last ten years, Food for Life has worked in the poorest villages in the area of Braj, south of New Delhi. Food for Life serves 66,000 free meals a month, provides basic medical assistance to about 1,000 people per month, offers assistance to the elderly and the disabled, and pursues a number of environmental projects in the area, including tree planting.

About US Capital Partners Inc.

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